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Foundation Settlement & Sinking Concrete Repair

Professional Structural Repairs in Greater Des Moines, Cedar Rapids IA, and Omaha, Lincoln NE

Signs Of Foundation Settlement Include Cracks On The Corner of Door Frames

Settling foundations is one of the most dangerous and impactful problems with homes throughout Iowa and Nebraska. It's a common structural issue that is caused by a variety of symptoms, aspects, and situations. More often a foundation will sink into the ground due to expanding and contracting soil; where clay-based soil will absorb and release water throughout the seasons. This causes the foundation to move and shift based on the soil moving underneath (and surrounding) the concrete, causing your home to be unlevel and destabilize.

Other known issues is weak soil and poor pre-construction based filling. If the soil is too weak and not enough gravel/fill was installed before the foundation pour (before your home was built), water can be a major problem. This is especially problematic for homes without a waterproofing system or proper yard grading, where water can easily weaken the soil beneath your home. This is a major threat to your concrete foundation.

Early Warning Sign of Foundation Settlement

There are a few ways to identify a settling foundation problem - some more obvious, and others that may not have been noticed.

Solutions & Repairs for Sinking Foundations

Products Used for This Repair: Push Piers

push piers

Installing push piers shifts the weight of your home off of the poor soil and onto the piers themselves. Our piers are made from strong, solid metal materials engineered to support the weight of your home. Over time, they push your home back up to the correct level and prevent the future sinking of your home's foundation.

The piers are hydraulically driven into the ground through a bracket attached to the foundation footing. Once they reach stable soil the weight of the structure is transferred through the pier to the load-bearing soil or bedrock below. The stable soil level is determined by load testing each of the piers as they are being installed.

Other Products We Use

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