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Bowed Basement Wall Repair

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Wall Anchors

Bowed walls are a serious issue that are caused by a combination of water and soil conditions. Homes being built on clay-rich soil will have a tendency to absorb rain and melting snow. Any swelling of the water absorbed soil begins apply pressure against your basement wall. This is called hydrostatic pressure, where gradually the soil compacts, swells, and repeats this process over time - causing the wall to be pushed inwards into the basement.

Early warning signs can be simple wall cracks, where severe cases will be a visible bow - especially in mason/brick built basements. Poured concrete walls are hard to determine since the pressure is equally distributed. In these cases the most noticeable sign would be horizontal cracks as an indication of a bowing problem.

Solutions & Repairs for Bowed Walls

While symptoms of bowed basement walls is rare, the solution and repair method remains the same: opposite pressure. Since the wall is being pushed forcibly inward, the solution is to pull the wall back and solidify it's vertical alignment permanently.

Products Used for This Repair: Wall Anchors

The Foundation wall anchor system is designed and developed with proven engineering methods to stabilize and strengthen bowed walls. The system works with any type of foundation material including concrete, tile, or cinder. The anchors are installed quickly and safely secured in the stable, load-bearing strata under your foundation. After the anchor is in place, a plate is attached on the damaged basement wall. Next, a metal rod connects the plate to the anchor and is tightened over time to push the bowed wall back into an upright position.

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