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Seepage & Water Creeping

Seepage comes from water creeping into the basement which is slow and gradual over time. Whether it's during a rain season, thawing after winter, or summer, water that seeps into the basement is a common problem with many underlying factors. This can be internal issues within the basement, or external which surrounds the basement area from the outside.

Four Reasons For Basement Seepage

Cove Joint Leaks

Cove Joint Leaks

Cove joints are the joining between the wall and the floor. Seepage can occur within the 'open' area where these two concrete structures meet. This area can leak, but in most cases much slower which is considered a seepage problem. In either case this is considered both an internal and external waterproofing problem where there is a rising and falling water table around your home. Water comes from the outside around the base concrete and there's no water mitigation system to trap and remove this water. Getting a system installed is the best solution.

Leaking Wall Crack

Concrete Cracks Along the Wall

In most cases concrete basement cracks are a slow seepage problem where the exterior pressure from clay-rich soil expands putting pressure on the wall causing it to crack. Once an opening is made water can begin leak through. Much like the beginning stages of bowing walls the crack must be sealed properly while also installing a waterproofing system to help remove the water away from your concrete wall. In some cases yard grading might be necessary to help relieve the amount of water running along the exterior foundation.

Yard Flooding

Yard Flooding That Creeps Over The Wall

Similar to the last section, if your yard grading is not properly set up water can build up along the side of your home and creep down along the basement walls underground. Common signs you will noticed is small or large puddles along the exterior of your home. In these cases the water is stagnant and has no where to go except through the soil. If your basement is not properly sealed water can seep over the top of the basement wall and run down inside. Having your yard properly graded with a waterproofing system installed will remove this problem entirely.

Leaking Floor Crack

Floor Crack Seepage

Floor cracks are caused by hydrostatic pressure build up from the soil under your foundation. The pressure is created when the soil around your home swells from excessive moisture – especially if your home is built on clay-rich dirt. Slowly and gradually water will seep through the cracks and continue to disappear and reappear throughout the seasons - getting worse over time. The solution would be to have our experts level the concrete if necessary, seal the cracks, and install a waterproofing system to remove the excess water.