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Flooding Within Your Basement

Basement flooding is a major issue with homes without the proper waterproofing system installed. It can occur from a few common issues that negatively impact how much water generates in a short amount of time. Usually, floods will manifest during massive rain storms from underlining problems with water mitigation. In any situation a basement can become flooded if other symptoms are left unchecked however, below are the prominent circumstances.

Top 3 Reasons for Basement Flooding

Bad or Broken Sump Pump

Bad or Broken Sump Pump

If you already have a sump pump installed and your basement is still flooding, the problem almost always is the pump itself. Sump pumps are designed to withstand heavy loads of water draining. If the system is not properly doing its' job then the pump is either broken or poorly designed. There are other instances where a pump is not correctly installed and will fail to mitigate water at it's most optimal efficiency. In either case, our experts will be able to repair or replace the system and properly test it's capacity.

Backed-up, Clogged, or Poorly Positioned Floor Drain

Backed-up, Clogged, or Poorly Positioned Floor Drain

Basement floor drains are a standard system installed with practically every basement. It's a main sewage line that runs through your plumbing to help keep water out of your basement. Often times this will not be enough for basements that have serious waterproofing problems. If your floor drain becomes clogged it will back-up with water which causes flooding. If the drain is not positioned properly where water can creep towards the drain you will notice puddles and floods in certain areas. Having a waterproofing system installed will help relieve the drain, and having the drain declogged will assist as well.

Sometimes the amount of water being drained can be an issue as well- where the standard plumbing line is 'overwhelmed' and cannot drain enough water that your basement is constantly accumulating.

Broken Waterproofing Systems

Broken Waterproofing System

If you have already had a contractor install a waterproofing system and your basement continues to flood, the system is either broken or was not installed properly. Sometimes our competitors will install 'generic' systems that are meant to drain water but did not provide a thorough inspection. Since wet basement problems have various aspects and conditions, it's important to know this ins and outs of your water problem. If multiple conditions arise each condition must be treated to have a properly waterproofed basement. That why we offer 3 systems ranging from generic, to average, to advanced depending on the severity of water infiltration.